The Heroes of Na'Djynn

The Adventure Begins: Session 1

Dead from the sea


You have spent a good part of your life in the city of Na’Djynn which Is an isolated community nestled in between the Forsaken Summits and the ocean.  The City survives on farming, fishing, and trading by sea and less frequently, the other cities of Epserus

Occasionally, they trade with the dwarves of the mountains, who also help to keep the clans of orcs and ogres in check.

Day 10 of Fourthmonth, year 9052-

It’s early morning, and the town bells ring out- 1 toll, then two..1 toll, then two… 

You recognize it as trouble to the Northeast – the coast.  You get dressed and rush outside,  and already there is a messenger coming for you.   Dead Creatures have come from the sea itself and are attacking the docks and outskirts of town.   

The Lord’s garrison has already been dispatched  and are fighting the creatures at the docks, but there are more coming from the north and it is feared that the outlying homes may be in danger. The runner implores you to meet at the market square…

The heroes were chosen from the crowd at the market by Captain Erwin Tarr, to accompany him and several of his men to the village of Ipring to make sure it was safe and secure from the threat. Tharen the Barbarian, Lo'Qutis the Ranger, and Peloquin the Monk were chosen for their known combat skill.  Krenshaw the Cleric for his skill in dealing with the undead, and Drayven the Sorcerer for his heroic reputation in spellcraft.

The party headed out straight away for the inland side of Ipring.                                                     Near the outskirts, they encountered a large band of skeletons roaming the area.

A fierce battle ensued, and Merrill the city guard was horribly wounded when he slipped on the ground and was stabbed by one of the creatures.  Captain Tarr stabilized him, while the rest of the party vanquished their foes.  With Percival the guard also wounded, Captain Tarr decided to send his 3 men back to Na'Djynn to recover, while the rest of the party pushed forward.

The inland side of the village was deemed safe, but on their way to the coastal side, the last house on the road was besieged by zombies who had trapped a farmer inside his animal pen and were slowly tearing the gate down to get to him. The party wasted no time in getting the attention of the zombies to keep the farmer safe, but Tharen was wounded badly in battle. Nevertheless they defeated the undead and moved quickly on their way to the coast. At the urging of Captain Tarr, the party bravely pushed on without rest and reached the coastal side of Ipring within the hour.

with several party members injured, they found a house on fire and took down the undead in the yard from afar with arrows and javelins. inside the quickly burning residence, they destroyed several skeletons , and zombies who had almost burst through the door to the storeroom where a family was barricaded.  Lo'Qutis, being nervous for his first time around undead, fumbled with an arrow strike sending it through the shattered door, nearly hitting the father of the household. In the end, the family was rescued from the home, and finding the coastal village secured, the party prepared to rest before returning to Na'Djynn via the coast to make sure it was secure.


The leadership and deadly magic of the hero Drayven was instrumental in saving the day… at least, that’s what the towns folk have been saying.

The Adventure Begins: Session 1
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